SA Indies Music Week
Johan van Lingen
Sherwyn Moodley
Legendary Paul Pretorius
Ifa Raz
Midem 2018
Perfect view in Cannes
SXSW 2016/Austin/Houston
Adam Levine collection
We were fake M.I.Aing:)
Vintage is the way!
CMJ Music Marathon 2015
New York City Freedom Face
Total first timer pose
Its all about that hair @CMJ
Primavera Sound 2015
Karaoke Night @Sidecar
Salsa Dancing
SXSW 2017/ Houston/New Orleans
Anything you want is inside of you..
Madame Gandhi
Diversity Table
Look there is Cherie Hu


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CMJ Music Marathon 2015

2015 was certainly a year of music travel. CMJ was so good for collection of information. Connecting with College music peeps and checking out the awesome that New York city had to offer. I made some good music relationships and friendships, ate great food, sang at so many Jazz bars and clubs and just had a complete blast. The showcasing was great too. I will no doubt return to New York, I'm sure I'll be singing more in and around there:)

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