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My Story

I am VeeDeshNee – a Singer and a Songwriter, a person of people, a traveller and a body of love.

I travel the world Singing and meeting people and swimming in global notes and melodies.


Yes I'm a DREAMER ....but I'm not the only one!


Music fills up my life! When I sing, I'm at peace and one with the world; I'm happy.

It draws out my happiest and saddest emotions and places them on beds of beautiful coloured sounds. And then it leaves me dried out empty but magically full....

Theres so much I need to learn, so much more I want to see and say and through Music I know I can & I will!

I think that life means change and to live it you must be open, you must focus, be dedicated to your beliefs, be patience and respectful to the art. I think that we create our world, if we make waves, we put things in motion and we are patient but very persistent - the beauty of everything unfolds.

For me, Music is Magic and my life and lessons are strong and bold lyrics. All I can say is THANK YOU..........I'll have more


Peace & Freedom to you!

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